Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development



Energy is Enabling. Energy is decisive for development. Energy is significantly linked to the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, environmental, and social. Energy services are obviously essential to economic and social development of a society.

We at VIKALP have created Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (CRESD).

CRESD’s endeavour is to promote accessible, affordable, and sustainable energy for all. We strive to create enabling environments that empower people through clean and green energy initiatives. We work towards this by developing, implementing, operating, maintaining, monitoring and evaluation of programs, policy formulation, advocacy, research and development initiatives.

The prime objective of CRESD is dissemination of knowledge and sensitization of people on utilization and access to renewable sources of energy and preservation of environment, to promote and deploy renewable energy technologies in rural and urban areas, building cross sectoral linkages and working in collaboration with various stake holders on issues related to renewable energy and promote initiatives that foster sustainable development.

The reality is that more than 1.3 billion people in the world lack access to electricity and at least 2.7 billion people are without clean cooking facilities. While supporting around 17.74% of the world population, India’s share of global primary energy consumption is low at only 5.5% in 2016.India’s renewable energy installed capacity has grown from 3.9 GW in 2002-03 to about 57 GW in March, 2017. Wind Energy has been the predominant contributor to this growth (32.28 GW) followed by solar power (12.289 GW), bio-power (8.182 GW), small hydro power (4.38 GW) and waste to power (130 MW).

Renewable energy can supplement the use of conventional fuel and help in developing the nation. Affordable and sustainable energy for all people is critical to the development of any country and yet it remains a major challenge. Accelerating clean energy innovations is essential. Investing in clean, efficient, affordable, accessible, and reliable energy is indispensable for a prosperous, environmentally sustainable future.

Recognizing that clean and efficient energy, conservation of bio diversity and energy security are amongst the biggest challenge facing India, CRESD is committed to address and tackle these issues. Sustainable and renewable energy can ensure energy, empower people through income and livelihood opportunities, and play significant role in mitigating the risks posed by climate change.

Our efforts are focused on delivering sustainable energy solutions that address the issue of climate change and endeavor towards economic and social development at the grass root level through participation, collaboration, and livelihood opportunities.